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We cater to the furniture industry through the reinvention of the Namliyi/pantry/cupboard concept. To complement our main line of Namliyis, we have recently introduced coffee tables and other varieties of furniture.

Namliyi+ combines the inspiration, artistry, tradition and contemporary design needed to bring your home to life, without having to break the bank. Namliyi+ makes your world more beautiful one room at a time.

Traditionally a Namliyi, in Arabic (larder or pantry in English), is a cupboard like piece of furniture made out of wood where food was stored prior to consumption. Namliyis were commonplace in houses before the widespread use of the refrigerator. Namliyi is derived from the Arabic word for ants, hence many of them have small-unglazed windows with the window opening covered in fine mesh to allow for the free circulation of air without enabling flies and ants to enter.

Today the Namliyi is making a comeback in many homes and is a highly requested feature. It can be used for purposes other than storing food; like in toilets for bath linens and towels, in bedrooms as a closet, in sitting rooms as a library, and has many other endless functions. There is a charm and nostalgia to the Namliyi, as well as a practical, utilitarian purpose.

In order to make good design accessible to everyone through a mix of styles, products and price points, we have decided to accessorize the Namliyi with coffee tables and other pieces of furniture inspired by the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  And that is how the creation of Namliyi+ came to be.