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Beshtar is a high-end brand that encompasses clothes, accessories and home products sourced in Afghanistan. Most of the textiles and raw materials are made by craftsmen and women in Afghanistan working to support themselves and keep their crafts alive. Though the fabrics and other products are traditionally hand-crafted, the designs are contemporary and a modern interpretation of the traditional – a fusion of East and West.

Past collections have focused on clothes made from fabrics (such as the traditional burqa) and other items (such as wall hangings, men’s turban fabric and tribal jewelry) from all over Afghanistan. New fabrics and techniques have also been combined with the traditional fabrics to make unique, wearable pieces. Each piece has its own ‘story’ from its genesis to the final product and reveals the changing landscape of a country in constant turmoil.

Besh’tar is the Dari word for ‘more’. We aim to be more than a design brand – it is a philosophy based on the assumption that more should and can be done for Afghanistan. Afghan craftsmen and women are involved in the sourcing and making of all the items. A percentage of the profits currently go to charities throughout Afghanistan which have been established to help the Afghan people do more for themselves.